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  • Publicado 08 Ago 2017

Animal Cruelty - Why We Should Definitely Introduce Stricter Laws

Animal cruelty is a serious offence, but it isn’t always treated as such in the eyes of the law. In fact, although many penalties have increased over the years, many people still feel that stricter laws against animal cruelty are required. There are several reasons for this, as we will see.

Penalties do not provide enough punishment

One of the issues with the current laws is that the penalties simply aren’t harsh enough. When a pet owner neglects their pet, they are often given just a fine, which hardly discourages them from committing the same offence in the future. While they may be banned from owning animals in some cases, this does not always mean that they will adhere to the ban, and the ban is also often time-limited. In other words, there’s nothing to stop them from abusing animals again in the future, because the penalty simply isn’t enough of a deterrent.

There was a case of a quokka which was set on fire on Rottnest Island. Though the maximum penalty for this kind of cruelty could be up to five years in jail and a $50,000 fine, the perpetrators only served one week each. Such a short penalty could easily seem like nothing more than a jaunt for the two men – a story which they can tell to their friends in the bar. It’s not enough to discourage them from ever doing something similar again.


Animal abusers are allowed to continue

In some cases, the law does not even stop abusers from continuing to abuse their animals. They are permitted to continue owning animals and doing what they like with them, even though they have been caught in the past.

There was a farmer in Toodyay, Wester Australia, who was a perfect example of this. He starved many of his sheep to death and six further animals had to be euthanised after the RSPCA were called. He saw a $50,000 fine, which is small compared to the cost of running this kind of farm, and told to reduce his livestock numbers. Not to stop owning sheep at all – just to own a few less. The order only applies for four years, so after that he would be free to increase his stock and kill them all off again, with a slow, miserable death.


Reporting incidents doesn’t seem to help enough

In many cases, those who are horrified by witnessing animal abuse will report it to the authorities. The suffering of these people, who are nothing more than innocent bystanders, could extend to harassment from the perpetrators of the abuse if they are discovered as the whistle-blowers. In exchange for taking that risk, they don’t even get to see real justice being done, as many animal abusers get off with a slap on the wrist.

One of the key things needed to ensure the right penalties are put into place is a strong legal team who will fight the case. If you do witness animal cruelty, one of the teams you can call is LY Lawyers. They will also give you advice on staying anonymous and keeping yourself safe if you need to testify in court.


Animal cruelty is a shameful waste of life, and is also often a sign of growing violent urges. Many infamous serial killers – including Jeffrey Dahmer, the ‘Boston Strangler’ Albert de Salvo, and the Columbine high school shooters – first explored their violent and aggressive impulses through animal cruelty. Knowing that, would you still be able to argue that animal cruelty laws are currently strict enough?

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