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All you need to know about pet CPR training

CPR stands for 'cardiopulmonary resuscitation' which is a life-saving technique used to help dogs or pets that have stopped breathing or no heartbeat.

Instructions on how to perform CPR

For Small Dogs (10kg/22lbs)

• Use one-handed technique, wrapping the hand over sternum and chest.
• Give 30 chest compressions (100-120x/min)
• Allow the chest to fully recoil between compressions.
• Give patient two mouth-to-snout rescue breaths after each set of compressions (30:2)

For Medium to giant dogs

  • Lay your dog on her side on a flat surface.
  • Use two-handed technique, place your hand on the widest part of the chest avoid heart
  • Keep arms straight push down on the rib cage. Compress the chest ¼ of its width. Squeeze and
  • release rhythmically at a rate of 80 compressions per minute.

For deep and narrow or barrel-chested dogs

  • Place your hands directly over the heart
  • Do the chest compressions with the hands directly over the heart to employ the cardiac pump theory
  • Do it continuously until other conditions follows.

To know more about pet CPR training, check out the details mentioned on below info-graphic

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